Schedule of activities in 2020


  • Meetings of the association 

Working sessions between member companies and the various agents involved, which contribute to a better positioning of the association and its companies with respect to public administrations and other socioeconomic organisations.

Working breakfasts or lunches that are organized every three or four weeks.

  • Meetings about the business activities of companies in Spain

Presentation events of the companies with national and international senior executives of the member companies.

In order to inform public opinion about their activities. Taking advantage of trips to Spain by the senior executives of the companies, therefore acting as hosts and spokespersons of their visits.

Breakfasts or lunches, inviting interested parties (throughout the year).

  • Annual congress of the association

An annual congress about the vision that foreign companies have regarding the potential of our country in various areas and about the role that these multinational companies can play in accelerating the economic recovery.

Subjects of interest related to current issues.

Consisting of:

  • A public event with the participation of  presidents of our companies, prestigious speakers, and highest level representatives of the public administration.
  • Lunch with members of the association and invited personalities.
  • General Assembly of the association to be held in June.
  • Cycle of Conferences of the association

The contributions by foreign multinational companies to the development of Spain’s economy

The contribution by multinational companies to changes in the economic model:

  • R&D&i
  • Digital Economy
  • Industry 4.0
  • The digitisation of companies

One morning, inviting an extensive number of professionals, companies, and the media (4 or 5 per year).

  • Presentation of the Barometer of Multinational Companies in Spain 

An event to present the barometer of opinion of foreign multinational companies in Spain.

Representatives from the organisations that promote the barometer will participate in the event: Multinacionales con España, European Chambers of Commerce, Invest in Spain, and a top representative of the public administration.

  • Events in cooperation with other organisations 

Various events that we will schedule based on signed cooperation agreements and activities planned throughout the year. Chambers of Commerce, universities, business schools, associations, administrations, etc.



  • Updating of the report on the contribution by foreign multinationals to the socioeconomic development of Spain (June).
  • The annual report-barometer, which compiles the state of opinion of foreign multinational companies and their executives regarding the socioeconomic situation in Spain and their concerns about Spain and the activity of businesses. Public presentation of the results.
  • Technical notes or short reports about the country’s strengths: notable milestones about the country’s economic evolution or the work of our companies in Spain (throughout the year).



  • Driving initiatives to facilitate the work of our members in their business activities in Spain. Study of proposals for the various public administrations (throughout the year).
  • Strengthening the network of Spanish executives who hold positions of responsibility at the headquarters of multinational companies in order to provide them with positive information about our country and request their cooperation in working for the Spain brand (throughout the year).

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