“We support the development of the Spanish economy and society”


Foreign Multinationals for the Spain brand is an association that:

  1. Brings together multinational companies from various sectors operating in Spain and would like to demonstrate their commitment to Spanish society and the Spain brand.
  1. Works in three main areas to achieve its purpose: active collaboration on boosting the Spain brand, cooperation on promoting our country as an investment destination of multinationals, and the development of Spain as a favourable environment for multinationals.
  1. Promotes cooperation with the public administration:

– to boost the Spain brand and defend the country’s common interests;

– to inform the heads of the public administration about the aspects that multinationals take into account when making decisions that position Spain as a destination with guarantees for the development of their business activities.

  1. Works on the image of Spain within multinationals so that it is perceived as a future investor destination due to its political and social stability, its quality of life, and its competitiveness.
  1. Promotes the dissemination of the role played by multinationals in the economic growth and continuous improvement of Spain.

“We cooperate with the public administration so that they are aware of the aspects that companies assess when making decisions”

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  • Paseo de Recoletos, 5 · 28004 – Madrid – España ‎ ‎
  • +34 91 789 82 43
  • informacion@multinacionalesmarcaespana.org
  • www.multinacionalesmarcaespana.org


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