I. Improve the image of Spain, both domestically and internationally, in benefit to the common good by spreading out Spain’s values and its economic, social, historical, cultural, tourist and environmental assets and its scientific and technological knowledge, among others.

II. Work for the common interests of the association’s members in relation to defending and promoting Spain’s reputation and image.

III. Collaborate with public and private institutions, both national and international, on developing the Spain brand and image.

IV. Promote the economic and social value of foreign multinational companies that operate in Spain.

V. Strengthen the value of Spain among all the members, thereby contributing to better knowledge of the Spanish reality and of its strengths as a country.


  1. Its establishment as a valid spokesperson before the various local, regional, international, and EU bodies with respect to proposing, negotiating, managing, and claiming, if applicable, all matters that may affect or could be of interest to its members, in order to promote and defend the achievement of the objectives of the association.
  2. Studying all types of generic problems that may be brought up in order to defend the achievement of the association’s objectives, therefore agreeing upon the pertinent solutions and establishing common lines of action among its members.
  3. Acting as professional technical support for its members and, in this respect, advising, studying and informing about all matters related to the achievement of the association’s objectives and providing all types of services that may have an impact in benefit to its companies.
  4. Preparing recommendations and action proposals to public powers regarding specific matters related to the association’s purposes.
  5. Defending all the association’s proposals and actions with respect to public opinion, especially through communication and training campaigns.
  6. Establishing the committees or task forces that are deemed necessary to achieve the association’s objectives in the best possible way.
  7. Promoting collaboration between member companies in all matters that may be in their interest, especially in those matters that favour the promotion and development of the association’s objectives.
  8. Establishing, maintaining, and promoting relations with national and international associations, therefore signing cooperation and collaboration agreements in all matters of common interest.

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